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     Here at American sliding door and window we have been in the door and window industry for over 30 years. We have been involved in design fabrication for more than 40 years. When we started repairing sliding doors and windows that allowed us to see a large variety of different manufactures with different styles and the range in quality from different manufacturers gave us great insight into quality doors and windows.

From that we saw what worked and what doesn't, and why . We only used quality hardware and materials , and the new doors and windows, closet doors, shower doors, ect. that we sold and installed were higher end products. They were more expensive, but the customers appreciated not selling them junk and calling it the best out there, which is pretty common.
We eventually started building custom doors out of Wood and Aluminum and Glass. We were building a lot of Barn Doors and every door panel and  and hardware were one of a kind. We also started doing Mantles, Tables, Staircases , Bars, and a lot of of other projects for different galleries'  we were  building art. All of the special projects were designed and fabricated by  Blake .  Blake has built many types of projects over the years Everything from custom painted helmets to Hot Rods, Custom bikes, Custom boats, Projects using several materials to create not only a door or tables, but a work of art. The same can be said about repairing something, there is an art to it so that the project works great but also lasts and  looks great too. If something works great but looks bad, not good, Also looks great but works bad, also not good.
We take pride in what we do.   

American sliding door and window specializes in ...

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